Pengujian Rancangan Reaktor Konversi Plastik Menjadi Minyak Sebagai Inovasi Penangangan Sampah Plastik Rumah Tangga

Zefri Azharman, Delia Meldra, Yopy Mardiansyah


The use of plastic as a container or wrapping food and drinks is a problem in every country. Attention and action on plastic waste is a priority for the benefit of the environment. This is because plastic rubbish is difficult to decipher and is a danger for animals who are trapped or consumed by household plastic rubbish. This study aims to test the design of the reactor as an innovation in handling the plastic waste. Tests carried out are trials in turning plastics into oil, flame tests produced by the reactor, and FTIR testing to see the functional group content of oil. Test results show that the reactor is designed to convert plastic into oil at 175oC-250oC by combustion using a high-pressure gas stove and the oil produced can start a fire. The results of the FTIR show that the oil functional groups produced show similarities with the functional groups of diesel fuel oils.

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